Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Doesn't it majorly dampen your spirits when you get a pimple the size of Mt. Fuji? I always get some sort of spot on my face whenever there is some event rolling around. In a couple of days, I will be attending my friend's wedding. I am headed to the OC soon! This implies lots of shopping, hitting up a CCO or two, clothes shopping, MAC Pro, Beaches... AND I have got a massive zit on my nose. It has been over a week or a week and a half since it appeared, and I have resisted poking at it. Until yesterday. I got some stuff out of it, but it is the type that hurts and doesn't come to a head. Errrrgh! May I be blessed with clear skin soon? Thank you in advance. Also, I hate that I am not as athletic/ motivated to be fit as I should be. I am developing belly fat, and I want it to go away! I went to the gym yesterday: worked out on the eliptical for about 50 minutes, and did a couple of crunches. I also used the tricep machine. That was it. How pathetic. sigh. I wish I had the will power to do more, or join some sort of sport that would keep me in shape. Gonna end up looking kinda fat in those wedding photos, my friend Lauren (the bride to be) is size 0.    Lucky her!!!    :D

In other news:
A couple of months ago, my dog turned 13. He is super old, and I am sad to say his time is coming. I took a few pictures of him and me a few days ago. (my pimple is there, but it is covered up... you can kind of still see it because my concealer is no longer quite the same shade as my skin because of summer) It is kind of hard to get him to pose for the camera now. He is much more ornery and cranky. lol. But I still love him!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

makeup news: Bridal makeup

My sister's high school friend is getting married, and she kindly asked me to help her bridal party out with getting to know about makeup. It is amazing how much more I have learned about makeup over the span of a few years. I am almost shocked at how little other people have... hehe. It was fun going over the basics with the girls, but most of them wear very minimal makeup. I wonder how it will turn out on the big day! The session wasn't going to be for a specific time, but we ended up going until around 12:30 am, and it was kind of crazy. If we get a chance, I think we will have a second session. Perhaps I can get a few photos of the girls!

For good bridal makeup tutorials that impressed me on YouTube:
Pixiwoo has some great versions, including a Bobbi Brown, dry skin version, and oily skin version
I also really like MissChievous's version, she always impresses me with her makeup. 

Contest entry for some serious prizes!

I am a new follower of pinkfish pie, or Jian's blog. She is holding an amazing contest, and the prizes sure look delish!
picture courtesy of pinkfish pie's blog:

WOW, enter this contest for a chance for some Asian Candy... ok as well as a Sleek palette, concealer, and a mini Bad Gal Lash Mascara from Benefit. That palette looks so amazing, and it sure looks like a great prize!

Here is the link for the contest:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

cross stitch: craft project 1

well, here is a looksie into the process of cross stitching! I took forever and a day to finally finish this (I am terribly slow at completing projects- they get random spurts of love every few months/weeks). Sorry that the final outcome is sideways, forgot to turn it prior, and am now too lazy.  :) This was for me mum for mother's day (yes, see how slowly I update?)

MAC palettes

er, so I am sure many of you out there have tons of separate shadows lying around. All that plastic casing builds up though, especially when your collection starts to grow. I have slowly expanded my stash from a juvenile, dated Caboodles plastic traincase to a four drawer storage unit intended to hold scrapbooking materials.
Lets get to the point, shall we? My NYX trios sat in a row like duck, but I wanted to consolidate them into a single area. Half the time, serious collectors forget or neglect part of their shadows because there are simply too many. People tend to grab what is immediately available, and thus, it can be easier to put them all together!
Enough with the talking, so take a look at the photos:
I took out the 15 pan tray (it's plastic and clips in) so that I can accommodate the Stila shadows. These are the duos that came out in Spring '08, and they are slightly larger than the normal Stila pan. 
And just for kicks, I added a photo of a NYX trio ready to be depotted. The process is strangely addicting and satisfying. 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

job interviews

don't you think all job interviews are kind of fake? I mean the purpose of an interview is to basically sell yourself to a company and market your strengths as a vital asset to whomever you are speaking. I think it is amusing though, because you can't really be that honest, can you? 
this is how a real interview would go:

tell me about a specific incident when you disagreed with your superior:
my answer: well, I can't say that any work relationship is always smooth sailing. each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. A previous employer was a great networker, and was likeable. however, he did not always remember the details, and we would constantly have to readjust the scheduling, or the standing orders for more inventory. I think that we got along well, and that disagreeing with my supervisor is a bit strong, but each person has their own opinions, and i respect him for who he is. 
my real answer: yeah, my supervisor was kinda dumb. he would hire some really good people (but i think that was mainly luck factor- after all irvine was a college town so you'd get some decent people), but most of the time he hired stupid dumb shits. i cannot believe how many times i had to teach people how to make drinks properly. or how to use the freaking register. and by god, sometimes the manager was the dumbest of all. amelia, how do you spell _____? yikes.

what is your greatest fault/ weakness?
my answer: I easily obsess over things I love. I am dedicated to finding out all i can about things, and sometimes this "weakness" is unnecessary. For example, in a past job, it was required for the staff to know it's products. I went beyond the requirements and tried to set up a daily fact board featuring a product so that others would absorb the information better. This had nothing to do with the original task at hand (which was to get yourself familiarized with the product).
my REAL answer: i'm lazy/ tend to procrastinate unless something really interests/ pushes me. I fear change. I don't like to work with stupid people. I don't particularly like to get that stressed feeling (even though I admit that i can handle it). i get comfortable with where/what i am, and this can be detrimental for my own personal growth.

haha, do you think people would hire you? 
my answer: of course! i am creative, am always trying to think outside the box. I take direction well, and am able to work with others. I like to spread my knowledge, and like to pick up information as well. I'd compare myself to a sponge, it absorbs water as well as dispenses it.
my real answer: nope, you'd be crazy to hire me. i know nothing about this job. 

Oi. It's been a while....

Dear blog,
so sorry that i have neglected you. However, i did forewarn you did i not?

what's new:
- gonna host a very informal makeup session with a bride and her bridesmaids this tues! will have to update and tell all.
- procrastinating- i have to write a 500 word essay...
- got my nyx haul last month and i lurve it!
- waiting for a target sale on SK items, i am eyeing the skunkicorn and i wanna buy it for less!
- loving so you think you can dance: that show makes me wish that i could dance like that!!!!!
- working out is sooooo hard to do. i get so lazy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Makeup news

What has been going on in my makeup world? 
1. I depotted my NYX trios, and put them into a MAC palette (sans tray). It was time consuming but pretty easy. One thing I would advise though, is to make sure that the glue is completely loosened up so you won't crack the shadow (did that on a couple). However, it is very easy to repress the cracks, and isn't a super big deal. 
2. Sephora is currently (until the 22nd) having a 15% off entire purchase sale for BIs (Beauty Insiders). If you didn't get the email with the coupon/online code, go to http://www.pursebuzz.com/ for it. Print it out and bring it to the store! I didn't haul a lot (usually I don't haul much at all), I just got Stila's Diamond Lil e/s. I have been lemming this shadow ever since I found out that it is a dupe for MAC's Smoke and Diamonds. Sigh it is such a beautiful color!
3. I am considering on entering a contest on YouTube, and did a "toned down" version a few days ago. Maybe I will recreate it for the contest??
4. I am still trying to figure out how to post pics resized, watermarked, etc. When I get the hang of it, will post pics!

OMG it is so hot!

It is HOT in Cali right now. Man, I wish we had AC, but then again, I am all about saving energy so I must endure...

In other news:
Went to Berkeley this past weekend, and stopped by the MAC store. I wish I lived closer to a freestanding store, it really is so much better than a counter in MACYs or Nordies. I was excited to look around. They still have some HK stuff, and of course the Sugarsweet collection. I want to take a look at the new Rose Romance stuff, it comes out this week! EEK! (for more info about that line, I suggest visiting www.temptalia.com because Christine has the most detailed reviews/previews/etc. about MAC collections). 
I visited the campus and Telegraph as well, fun fun. Makes me miss those hippies. I also went down to Shattuck and browed the consignment stores. One thing I really love about Berkeley is the conscious effort to reuse/recycle stuff about. They have tons of used bookstores, lots of second-hand clothing stores, etc., and it isn't as bad as you would think!

Friday, April 10, 2009

FOTD: disney fairy!

erm, yeah I am thinking about using this as an entry for a contest. took the disney fairy symbol from the new tink stuff.

contest entry for some serious prizes!

Contest!!! (not my contest, though)

Hosted by: http://www.anyabast.com/blog/

Grand Prize: $100 GC to Amazon.com
Runner Up: $25 GC to B&N and a box of surprise paperbacks and other goodies (like chocolate, bath goodies, ect). This is going to be a NICE prize!
Runner Up: $25 GC to B&N and a box of surprise paperbacks and other goodies. (same as above)

Plus chances to win books (almost) every day for a month!

Go to http://www.anyabast.com/blog/ for details on how to enter.


contest is now closed... sorry.

BTW, thanks for the chance to enter, Anya!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My first blog entry!

I find it truly amazing how much technology has advanced the channels of communication. I feel like we were in the Stone Age when I was in Elementary- I mean seriously, no cell phone? No computer? What did we do without the Internet? NO GOOGLE?! I can't believe that I have waited this long to finally start a blog, but then again, I was never really good at maintaining a diary and who is to say that I will be able to online in blog form?
This blog is not going to be dedicated to my personal life, however exciting that is (can you sense the sarcasm?), I am sure that all you people in cyberspace are not interested in the mundane trivialities of my life. I will, however, blog about the things that make me happy: as stated in the oh so descriptive header, I like the attainment of stuff (oh so eloquent tonight, I know), makeup, fashion, arts and crafts, and the lovely world of media/books. As superficial and materialistic as it sounds, shopping is my form of entertainment, and my delight is in the thrill of the hunt. Don't be surprised if I also blog about my latest craft project, or my latest obsession in entertainment... this is going to be one random blog, so be forewarned!
A little information about me: I am still trying to figure myself out; at times I can be quirky, weird, obsessive, boring, moody, funny, etc. I am kind of random, and I suppose this will be quite a random blog. Basically, this is a place to go to talk about my interests, and what I find fascinating at the moment. Have at it, and enjoy!