Thursday, June 18, 2009

makeup news: Bridal makeup

My sister's high school friend is getting married, and she kindly asked me to help her bridal party out with getting to know about makeup. It is amazing how much more I have learned about makeup over the span of a few years. I am almost shocked at how little other people have... hehe. It was fun going over the basics with the girls, but most of them wear very minimal makeup. I wonder how it will turn out on the big day! The session wasn't going to be for a specific time, but we ended up going until around 12:30 am, and it was kind of crazy. If we get a chance, I think we will have a second session. Perhaps I can get a few photos of the girls!

For good bridal makeup tutorials that impressed me on YouTube:
Pixiwoo has some great versions, including a Bobbi Brown, dry skin version, and oily skin version
I also really like MissChievous's version, she always impresses me with her makeup. 

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