Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween anyone?

Please excuse the stupid look on my face. Poison ivy thrown together with a whole bunch of random things. Fun, fun!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

... It's been a while...

Erm, I just noticed that it has been over a year since I've updated this thing. I have to admit, I am more of a follower than a leader- and maintaining a blog (and keeping it interesting) is hard work!

Job and other life has been keeping me busy- well... enough with the excuses! I am just lazy. There! I admit it! I am LAZY.

I was eating lunch last week and caught part of a home decorating show on HGTV. The designer was making this really cool painting where globs of paint were running down the canvas, and he manipulated the wet paint with a spray bottle of water (I think it was water) in the right direction. I totally want to try that! And then, to no avail, I spent the next day and a half trying to figure out which episode I saw, what the technique was, and how I could recreate it. BOO.

Yesterday I went out to San Francisco with some college friends and I got all fancy for this 1920's-esque bar. It was awesome! I wore my Chanel la rouge lipstick in Dragon (a truly awesome red), a dress that has been sitting in my closet forever- white and some yellow with a cool flowery-doodle pattern, black patent leather kitten wedges with a flower on the top, and a cool retro headband. Yay! I had fun dressing up. I should have taken a picture, but didn't really think of it until it was 2:30 AM, and by that time I just wanted to sleep.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Doesn't it majorly dampen your spirits when you get a pimple the size of Mt. Fuji? I always get some sort of spot on my face whenever there is some event rolling around. In a couple of days, I will be attending my friend's wedding. I am headed to the OC soon! This implies lots of shopping, hitting up a CCO or two, clothes shopping, MAC Pro, Beaches... AND I have got a massive zit on my nose. It has been over a week or a week and a half since it appeared, and I have resisted poking at it. Until yesterday. I got some stuff out of it, but it is the type that hurts and doesn't come to a head. Errrrgh! May I be blessed with clear skin soon? Thank you in advance. Also, I hate that I am not as athletic/ motivated to be fit as I should be. I am developing belly fat, and I want it to go away! I went to the gym yesterday: worked out on the eliptical for about 50 minutes, and did a couple of crunches. I also used the tricep machine. That was it. How pathetic. sigh. I wish I had the will power to do more, or join some sort of sport that would keep me in shape. Gonna end up looking kinda fat in those wedding photos, my friend Lauren (the bride to be) is size 0.    Lucky her!!!    :D

In other news:
A couple of months ago, my dog turned 13. He is super old, and I am sad to say his time is coming. I took a few pictures of him and me a few days ago. (my pimple is there, but it is covered up... you can kind of still see it because my concealer is no longer quite the same shade as my skin because of summer) It is kind of hard to get him to pose for the camera now. He is much more ornery and cranky. lol. But I still love him!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

makeup news: Bridal makeup

My sister's high school friend is getting married, and she kindly asked me to help her bridal party out with getting to know about makeup. It is amazing how much more I have learned about makeup over the span of a few years. I am almost shocked at how little other people have... hehe. It was fun going over the basics with the girls, but most of them wear very minimal makeup. I wonder how it will turn out on the big day! The session wasn't going to be for a specific time, but we ended up going until around 12:30 am, and it was kind of crazy. If we get a chance, I think we will have a second session. Perhaps I can get a few photos of the girls!

For good bridal makeup tutorials that impressed me on YouTube:
Pixiwoo has some great versions, including a Bobbi Brown, dry skin version, and oily skin version
I also really like MissChievous's version, she always impresses me with her makeup. 

Contest entry for some serious prizes!

I am a new follower of pinkfish pie, or Jian's blog. She is holding an amazing contest, and the prizes sure look delish!
picture courtesy of pinkfish pie's blog:

WOW, enter this contest for a chance for some Asian Candy... ok as well as a Sleek palette, concealer, and a mini Bad Gal Lash Mascara from Benefit. That palette looks so amazing, and it sure looks like a great prize!

Here is the link for the contest:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

cross stitch: craft project 1

well, here is a looksie into the process of cross stitching! I took forever and a day to finally finish this (I am terribly slow at completing projects- they get random spurts of love every few months/weeks). Sorry that the final outcome is sideways, forgot to turn it prior, and am now too lazy.  :) This was for me mum for mother's day (yes, see how slowly I update?)

MAC palettes

er, so I am sure many of you out there have tons of separate shadows lying around. All that plastic casing builds up though, especially when your collection starts to grow. I have slowly expanded my stash from a juvenile, dated Caboodles plastic traincase to a four drawer storage unit intended to hold scrapbooking materials.
Lets get to the point, shall we? My NYX trios sat in a row like duck, but I wanted to consolidate them into a single area. Half the time, serious collectors forget or neglect part of their shadows because there are simply too many. People tend to grab what is immediately available, and thus, it can be easier to put them all together!
Enough with the talking, so take a look at the photos:
I took out the 15 pan tray (it's plastic and clips in) so that I can accommodate the Stila shadows. These are the duos that came out in Spring '08, and they are slightly larger than the normal Stila pan. 
And just for kicks, I added a photo of a NYX trio ready to be depotted. The process is strangely addicting and satisfying.