Sunday, June 7, 2009

job interviews

don't you think all job interviews are kind of fake? I mean the purpose of an interview is to basically sell yourself to a company and market your strengths as a vital asset to whomever you are speaking. I think it is amusing though, because you can't really be that honest, can you? 
this is how a real interview would go:

tell me about a specific incident when you disagreed with your superior:
my answer: well, I can't say that any work relationship is always smooth sailing. each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. A previous employer was a great networker, and was likeable. however, he did not always remember the details, and we would constantly have to readjust the scheduling, or the standing orders for more inventory. I think that we got along well, and that disagreeing with my supervisor is a bit strong, but each person has their own opinions, and i respect him for who he is. 
my real answer: yeah, my supervisor was kinda dumb. he would hire some really good people (but i think that was mainly luck factor- after all irvine was a college town so you'd get some decent people), but most of the time he hired stupid dumb shits. i cannot believe how many times i had to teach people how to make drinks properly. or how to use the freaking register. and by god, sometimes the manager was the dumbest of all. amelia, how do you spell _____? yikes.

what is your greatest fault/ weakness?
my answer: I easily obsess over things I love. I am dedicated to finding out all i can about things, and sometimes this "weakness" is unnecessary. For example, in a past job, it was required for the staff to know it's products. I went beyond the requirements and tried to set up a daily fact board featuring a product so that others would absorb the information better. This had nothing to do with the original task at hand (which was to get yourself familiarized with the product).
my REAL answer: i'm lazy/ tend to procrastinate unless something really interests/ pushes me. I fear change. I don't like to work with stupid people. I don't particularly like to get that stressed feeling (even though I admit that i can handle it). i get comfortable with where/what i am, and this can be detrimental for my own personal growth.

haha, do you think people would hire you? 
my answer: of course! i am creative, am always trying to think outside the box. I take direction well, and am able to work with others. I like to spread my knowledge, and like to pick up information as well. I'd compare myself to a sponge, it absorbs water as well as dispenses it.
my real answer: nope, you'd be crazy to hire me. i know nothing about this job. 

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