Thursday, June 11, 2009

MAC palettes

er, so I am sure many of you out there have tons of separate shadows lying around. All that plastic casing builds up though, especially when your collection starts to grow. I have slowly expanded my stash from a juvenile, dated Caboodles plastic traincase to a four drawer storage unit intended to hold scrapbooking materials.
Lets get to the point, shall we? My NYX trios sat in a row like duck, but I wanted to consolidate them into a single area. Half the time, serious collectors forget or neglect part of their shadows because there are simply too many. People tend to grab what is immediately available, and thus, it can be easier to put them all together!
Enough with the talking, so take a look at the photos:
I took out the 15 pan tray (it's plastic and clips in) so that I can accommodate the Stila shadows. These are the duos that came out in Spring '08, and they are slightly larger than the normal Stila pan. 
And just for kicks, I added a photo of a NYX trio ready to be depotted. The process is strangely addicting and satisfying. 

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