Monday, April 20, 2009

Makeup news

What has been going on in my makeup world? 
1. I depotted my NYX trios, and put them into a MAC palette (sans tray). It was time consuming but pretty easy. One thing I would advise though, is to make sure that the glue is completely loosened up so you won't crack the shadow (did that on a couple). However, it is very easy to repress the cracks, and isn't a super big deal. 
2. Sephora is currently (until the 22nd) having a 15% off entire purchase sale for BIs (Beauty Insiders). If you didn't get the email with the coupon/online code, go to for it. Print it out and bring it to the store! I didn't haul a lot (usually I don't haul much at all), I just got Stila's Diamond Lil e/s. I have been lemming this shadow ever since I found out that it is a dupe for MAC's Smoke and Diamonds. Sigh it is such a beautiful color!
3. I am considering on entering a contest on YouTube, and did a "toned down" version a few days ago. Maybe I will recreate it for the contest??
4. I am still trying to figure out how to post pics resized, watermarked, etc. When I get the hang of it, will post pics!

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